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Go Ahead, Use the Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Posted by Justin Hayes at Feb 16, 2012 11:00 AM |

Senate committee refuses to even print a draft bill that would prohibit using cancer-causing chemicals when fracking natural gas wells in Idaho.

Go Ahead, Use the Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Cancer-causing chemicals—YUCK!

You’ve likely heard that the companies—led by Weiser-Brown out of Arkansas—that hope to produce natural gas in Idaho have said that they plan on only using ‘food grade’ chemicals in their fracking fluids. That is, if they are even going to frack a well—which they have also said that they are not going to do.

However, the rules that Idaho has developed to regulate the gas and oil industry do authorize the use of fracking and the use of pretty much any chemical that you might imagine, including fracking with chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

Monday in the Senate Resources Committee, Senators Stennett and Werk presented a draft bill that would prohibit the use of cancer-causing chemicals in fracking fluid.  Companies could still frack, they just would not be allowed to use chemicals that caused cancer.

Seems like a reasonable safeguard. Ahhh, but that is where you’d be wrong.  

The Committee killed the draft bill on a 6 to 3 vote. Kudos to Senator Cameron for joining Stennett and Werk in supporting this modest measure protect Idaho groundwater.

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