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Because You Love Idaho's Outdoors

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ICL works to protect the things that you love and enjoy about Idaho's wild places.

Hot Topic: Boulder-White Clouds

White Clouds. Red Reel Production Image

It's official! The Boulder-White Clouds have been designated wilderness.

The Boulder-White Cloud Mountains are unquestionably an exceptional place. Magnificent peaks and vistas in two mountain ranges, clear waters and healthy wildlife—all add up to a treasure in the heart of Idaho.

Protecting Backcountry Near You

Wilderness means more than just lines on a map. It is why we live here. Wilderness designation is by far the best protection for pristine places, but several spectacular landscapes remain unprotected. Wilderness is the land of many uses: hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, watching wildlife, botanizing, and rejuvenating and challenging oneself. Wilderness means that you don't have to worry about open pit mines shutting off access or poisoning rivers, clear cuts in the forest, a subdivision taking away your open space, or noisy motorized contraptions running amuck.  

Iron Bog- Pioneer Mountains

By partnering with local communities, tribes, industry and decision makers, we are helping to create real and lasting protections for the following special places in Idaho.

The remainder of Idaho that is actively managed for timber, mining, or motorized recreation can still provide important habitat for fish and wildlife, high quality recreation opportunities, as well as ecosystem services like community drinking water supplies. The Idaho Conservation League supports responsible mining, logging, grazing and motorized use on public land, but the way these have been managed in the past is not sustainable. This is why we are seeking to find a better balance between resource extraction industries and other values such as water quality protection. Roughly two-thirds of the state is public land—owned by all of us, which means that you have a say in how these uses are balanced. 

ICL is the voice for thousands of Idahoans just like you to make certain that the Idaho's public lands are managed responsibly and sustainably.

Protecting Open Space in Our Communities

Our communities benefit from open spaces and natural areas where we can play with our families, bike and walk along lakes or rivers, and enjoy the outdoors. The outdoors is part of what makes Idaho's communities wonderful places to live and ICL knows it's important to leave a legacy for our children. Learn more about how ICL works on behalf of open space and natural areas across Idaho.

What You Can Do

Help us protect the lands that you love by donating today!

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