We work to protect the air you breathe, the water you drink and the land you love.

Get involved, and protect the Idaho you love!

Take action for Idaho’s rivers and streams!

Action is needed to protect Idaho's rivers and streams from the harms of recreational suction dredge mining. The deadline is April 27.

Amplify Youth Voices in Washington, D.C.!

Contact your elected officials today and ask them to pledge their support for the Biden Administration’s agreement to recover salmon. Then, ask them to vote for salmon funding in the President’s Budget.

Keep the Wild in the Owyhees!

Everyone has a right to enjoy Idaho’s public lands, but no one has a right to abuse them. Tell the BLM you support Alternative B, which does the best job of protecting wildlife and water quality, while still making room for all Idahoans.

Speak up for public lands and clean water by speaking out against the Mining Regulatory Clarity Act!

Let your Congressional representatives know that we need to strike a better balance so that drinking water supplies are protected from high risk mining projects, and communities and Tribes have a right of self-determination and a right to say no.

Urge your representatives to pledge their support for salmon abundance!

Recovering healthy and abundant salmon throughout the Columbia/Snake River Basins is a national priority. Now, we need members of Congress to pledge to support the actions needed to reach these goals.

Sign up for our weekly Legislative update!

Sign up for the update every Monday during the Legislative session.

Stand Up for Idaho's Fish!

If Idaho leaders don't stand up for Idaho's salmon and steelhead they will go extinct. Contact decision makers today!

Let's Defend Our Public Lands Together

Stay informed and help us protect Idaho's public lands and the fish and wildlife that depend on them.

Unite Against Climate Change

Add your name to our climate updates and let Idaho decision-makers know that action is needed for Idaho's climate.

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Stay up to date and help us save the Snake River.

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