Judy Baker


Judy Baker serves as treasurer on the Idaho Conservation League board.

Judy’s involvement in environmental issues began with the successful drive to establish Canyonlands National Park in Utah. She feels strongly that participation in environmental organizations offers a positive means to contribute in these challenging times.

Judy worked for the U.S. Forest Service in a variety of positions at Idaho City, Lowman and Boise, leaving in 1983 for a position as special programs manager with the Idaho state office of the Bureau of Land Management. In 1988 she took advantage of early retirement to build a solar timber-framed home on the Payette River west of Emmett.

In addition, she was a ski instructor at Bogus, an avid bicyclist and backpacker, and a much less expert canoeist. In the last 25 years she has travelled extensively to all seven continents following her interest in birds and their diverse habitats.

Judy was born in California and spent her childhood in Colombia and Venezuela. She returned to the United States for high school and college (Colorado Woman’s College and Barnard College at Columbia University), majoring in Latin American affairs with a minor in journalism. Right after college she put down roots in Idaho, and recently moved back to Boise from the Emmett area.

Look for her these days on the Boise greenbelt — she’s the one on a red recumbent bike wearing binoculars.