ICL’s Emerging Leaders for Idaho’s Environment (ELIE) is a leadership program focused on connecting the next generation of conservationists with opportunities to make a difference with Idaho’s environmental movement.

ELIE builds Idaho’s conservation community through dynamic reciprocity between ICL and young leaders, cohort-based professional development and partnership building, and meaningful contributions to ICL’s work for conservation in Idaho.

Applications for the 2023-2024 cohort have now closed. Please email ELIE@idahoconservation.org with inquiries.

How you’ll support ICL’s work for conservation as an Emerging Leader

  • Emerging leaders will meaningfully support ICL’s program work through advocacy actions, hands-on opportunities, and timely support of ICL’s major campaigns.
  • Emerging Leaders will use their voice for conservation in Idaho by amplifying ICL’s work, creating social media and online content, tabling at events, and supporting community partnership and outreach.
  • Emerging Leaders will support ICL’s membership base by participating in membership drives and fundraising initiatives.
  • Emerging Leaders will develop their professional toolkits, build community, and create connections.

What to expect in the ELIE program

  • Emerging Leaders will commit to twice monthly meetings on Wednesday evenings, one weekend retreat, and involvement in various advocacy, engagement, and fundraising activities. Time commitment is approximately 5-8 hours per month.
  • The 2023-2024 cohort officially begins on June 14, 2023 and ends in late May of 2024.
  • ELIE meetings will primarily be held at the ICL office (outside when weather permits), and sometimes at a brewery or other gathering place in Boise.
  • At the start of the cohort, Emerging Leaders will receive an overview of the year-long schedule, as well as goals and outcomes of the program. ELIE meetings will provide opportunities to engage with and learn from ICL staff about ICL’s major campaigns and conservation work. ELIE meetings will also provide opportunities to engage with and support the conservation work that the cohort learns about.
  • Cohort facilitators and ICL staff will assign short readings as applicable to meetings and learning throughout the cohort, to enhance Emerging Leaders’ knowledge of various topics. All readings will be provided digitally or by print.
  • The cohort will communicate via email, Slack, and sometimes text.
  • Emerging Leaders recognize that their participation in the program contributes to the health of the whole cohort. We are seeking applicants who can attend the majority of meetings and activities!
People in front of Red Fish Lake

Past ELIE projects:

Each spring, the ELIE cohort decides on a group-led project to use their skills for Idaho’s Environment! Past projects include…

  • Creating a long-form video about diversity in recreation
  • Writing public comments on a variety of conservation issues
  • Supporting youth advocacy groups
  • Coordinating film screenings about salmon and steelhead
  • Reaching young Idahoans about ICL membership
  • Running outdoor-themed trivia nights around the Treasure Valley
At a time where environmental threats abound, ELIE meetings were one of the brightest parts of each month for me. It feeds your soul to get together with people who are equally committed to advancing conservation, and to learn about the many different ways folks are tackling environmental issues in their personal and professional lives. The ELIE crew had so many distinct talents, and it was great to learn from the others while also being able to contribute my own insight and experience to the group.
2018-2019 ELIE Cohort
I wanted a space to exercise my love for the environment and be around similarly minded folks. ELIE certainly gave me that. Not only did I get to meet and work with our great ELIE crew, but I made many new connections in Sandpoint, resulting in friendships, and even business connections. ELIE provided me with a space to engage with others who care about the environment, learn from the elders of our environmental community, and get inspired to keep rallying for the environment.
2018-2019 ELIE Cohort
ELIE was an opportunity for me to become more familiar with “how” of environmental advocacy. I went from overwhelmed and discouraged to confident and connected through my time in ELIE. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about how they can get involved in keeping Idaho in the hands of the people.
2018-2019 ELIE Cohort
I loved being able to help with projects that ICL members were working on. It made me feel like I was making a difference. I feel so much more a part of Idaho, knowing the challenges that are facing our wild places. I will continue to be a driving force for Idaho’s environment.
2018-2019 ELIE Cohort
I joined ELIE at a time in my life when I was craving a bit more meaning and connectedness. My experience in the cohort provided just that. ICL is an amazing community of individuals striving to protect the state we love in a compassionate, educated, and diligent manner. The ICL team’s enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging, and the knowledge they shared made me feel empowered to carry on the torch as the next generation of Idaho’s conservationists.
2018-2019 ELIE Cohort
My involvement with ELIE was an opportunity to learn more about the relentless, amazing work that ICL does for Idaho's environment. I learned so much and was blown away by the tireless work put forth by ICL's staff and supporters. I also met so many great people along the way and felt like I was a part of something much bigger than myself. I feel empowered about the ways I can continue to advocate for the environment and feel more connected to Idaho as a result of being a part of the ELIE program.
2021-2022 ELIE Cohort

Find Out More

For more information about this program, email shackett@idahoconservation.org.