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ICL—Wild Idaho! Podcast

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Episode 14 — Lose Eden, Not Optimism: An Interview with Environmental Historian Dr. Sara Dant

Dr. Sara Dant, history professor at Weber State in Utah, joins the Wild Idaho! podcast to provide a historic perspective on Western states and the evolving relationship between their inhabitants and the environment.

Episode 13 — What’s Going on in North Idaho?

Our friends and colleagues from North Idaho are in town, so the Wild Idaho! podcast sat down with them to get updates on their work on closing down coal power plants and protecting Lake Pend Oreille.

Episode 12 — What Does It Mean to Be an ICL Member?

The Wild Idaho! podcast sits down with Jenny Estes, ICL’s development program manager, to learn what it means to be an ICL member — and why ICL couldn’t do the work we do without the generous support of all our members.

Episode 11 — Air, Water Quality Concerns Increasingly Threaten Summer Recreation

Wildfires, smoke and toxic algae are growing threats to our land, air and water. They’re also increasingly disrupting summer plans for all Idahoans. ICL’s government relations director, Jonathan Oppenheimer, discusses what’s being done to deal with these hazards and protect our summer safety, our health and Idaho’s environment.

Episode 10 — Regulatory Rollbacks Continue

Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is now gone, but the environmental rollbacks he started continue. ICL staff members Austin, Haley and Marie discuss the current status of those rollbacks and their implications for Idaho.

Episode 9 — What’s It Like Owning an EV?

We chat with Pat Haas, former ICL board chair and current owner of an electric vehicle (EV), about why he purchased an EV and what he’s learned since purchasing his vehicle.

Episode 8 — Rolling Back Environmental Regulations: Interview with Justin Hayes

We chat with Justin Hayes, ICL’s program director, to discuss the dangerous trend we’re seeing of administrative rollback of safeguards to clean air and water. We’ll also explore the effect these rollbacks will have on Idaho’s environment.

Episode 7 — Are You Ready for Wildfire Season?

Wildfire season is fast approaching. In this Wild Idaho! episode, we discuss how wildfires affect public health, what’s being done to protect us from fires and smoke, and what’s in store for the 2018 wildlife season in Idaho.

Episode 6 — What’s the Outlook Midstream in the 2018 Idaho Legislature?

The action is deep and wide in the middle of the Idaho Legislature’s session. ICL’s government relations director, Jonathan Oppenheimer, catches us up on current conservation issues at the Statehouse.

Episode 5—Wild and Scenic Rivers, Part 1

2018 is the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act! In the first of many episodes on this topic, ICL staff discuss the role Idaho played in creating the act and the work we do every day to protect all of Idaho’s rivers.

Episode 4—2018 Legislative Priorities

ICL’s government relations director, Jonathan Oppenheimer, discusses the history of ICL’s work in the Idaho Legislature, as well as our conservation priorities for the 2018 session.

Episode 3—Climate Summit Debrief

ICL’s energy associate, Ben Otto, debriefs about the Idaho Climate Summit, a statewide conference held in mid-December to discuss effects of climate change to Idaho. Also learn about new partnerships that are forming to address this issue through collaboration and business opportunities. 

Episode 2—Wilderness: Beyond Designation

Permanently protecting an area through the Wilderness Act is a big task, but the work doesn’t stop once an area has been designated as Wilderness. In this episode, learn about all the work ICL engages in to continue to protect the land you love.

Episode 1—ICL’s Roots

The first episode of Wild Idaho! Listen to Rick Johnson, ICL’s executive director, tell the history of ICL. You’ll learn why ICL was formed in 1973, what challenges and opportunities we’ve faced over the years, and where ICL is heading over the next 20 years.

ICL—ICL 2017 Artist in Residence Linda Lantzy

ICL—Idaho Conservation League: Who We Are

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ICL—Public Lands Rally 2017

Idaho Gives

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Who Are ICL Members?

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Protecting Idaho’s Streams

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Boise for Clean Water and Open Space

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Idaho Gives 2015

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Peter Lovera, ICL 2015 Artist in Residence

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Hazardous Traffic Ahead

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The Clark Fork Delta Needs Your Help!

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Who Are ICL Members?

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Boulder-White Clouds National Monument

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Idaho Gives 2014

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ICL at the 2015 Idaho State Legislature

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Video for ICL’s 40th Anniversary

In 2013 we marked our 40th anniversary with a video made for ICL by Wirestone.