November 3, 2023 is Climate Action Day! ICL encourages you to take action for Idaho’s environment, and to share the links below with your friends and family. The more you share, the bigger your impact!

1. Help make Solar Power Shine in Idaho!

Write to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission before November 4 and tell them why having a thriving solar and wind industry in Idaho is important to you and your family. Click here to learn more, or make your comment right now using Case Number: IPC-E-22-22. 

2. Feel Good about Driving!

Consider buying an electric vehicle (EV) for your next car. If you are in the market for a new car now, check out this list of new affordable EVs. If you drive far distances and have range anxiety, consider keeping your gas car for those long vacation trips, and the EV for around town when you drive less than 20 miles for errands. But don’t worry – more EV charging stations are coming to Idaho, making owning an EV more realistic for more Idahoans! That’s not the only reason it’s a great time to go electric. Check out the new federal credits available for buying an all-electric EV or a plug-in-hybrid EV – they range up to $4000 for used EVs and $7500 for new EVs.

EVs are for everyone – even Idaho farmers and ranchers, who are excited about saving money with EV tractors and the EV Rivian Truck. Want to know how much money your farm could save if you buy an electric tractor? Find out on the Solectrac SolecSave App

3. E-Bikes are in! 

Think you are paying too much at the pump, but can’t afford an electric car? Consider an E-Bike – they are fun, fast, and can carry all of your grocery bags. 

4. Speak up for a Clean Energy Future!

The Idaho Office of Energy and Mineral Resources is interested in Idahoans’ opinions on various energy sources and building efficiency. This information will help them better understand funding opportunity needs, priorities, and perceptions regarding energy. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts about energy in Idaho by following these links:

5. Stay updated!

Idaho’s climate is changing, and action is needed for Idaho’s climate now. We need to work together to protect our Idaho values from the impacts of climate change, and stop further harm by removing fossil fuels from Idaho’s energy system. Stay updated by signing up for ICL’s Climate Campaign emails and get updates on Idaho’s climate and ways you can take action straight to your inbox.