Investing in clean energy can grow Idaho’s economy, protect our air quality and reduce the effects of climate change. That’s why we support commitments by Idaho Power and Avista to move away from fossil-fueled energy. Although we are thankful that both Idaho Power and Avista have announced they will transition to 100% clean energy by 2045, we urge them to fulfill their clean energy promises swiftly while providing affordable, reliable power to their customers. We also urge Pacificorp, also known as Rocky Mountain Power, to join these utilities in making similar commitments.

Today, out-of-state fossil fuels provide up to half of Idaho’s electricity and all our vehicle fuels. Instead, we could reinvest our energy dollars in Idaho’s abundant solar, wind and geothermal power. These power sources are produced right here in Idaho and put electricians, home builders and other local companies to work.

To create Idaho’s clean energy future ICL engages with Idaho utilities, regulators and customers to create policies that encourage developing our own clean energy sources to protect our clean air, reduce the effects of climate change and grow our economy. Now it’s time for you to act — tell your utility you want a clean energy future for Idaho. Here are a few ways you can take action to support a clean energy future for Idaho.

Talk to Your Utilities 

Urge Idaho Power and Avista to fulfill their clean energy promises swiftly while providing affordable, reliable electricity to their customers. Urge Pacificorp, also known as Rocky Mountain Power, to commit to clean energy now.

Conserve to Save Energy and Money

All of us can help reduce Idaho’s use of fossil-fueled energy. Often simple steps are all that we need to do to save electricity and money. Saving energy is the fastest, cheapest and easiest means to reduce climate pollution and protect landscapes, all while saving money. Every time you flip a light switch or adjust the thermostat you directly influence power generation. Act now to conserve and you directly clean the air while making your home more affordable and comfortable. Become an Idaho climate hero by taking the energy conservation commitment:

Order a free energy conservation kit from your utility

Use these free tips to save energy and improve air quality at home  

Commit to reduce energy use 20% by 2020

You can track your energy use on your own utility bill or website. Make a personal goal and post it up somewhere in your home where you’ll see it regularly to keep your commitment top of mind!

Share your story with other climate heroes on social media

Sharing your story with family and friends is a great way to help make positive changes in your own community! When you let others know that clean energy is important to you, you can help encourage others to support a clean fossil-free future for Idaho. Use the hashtag #idahoclimatehero to connect with others working to make these positive changes.

Protect the right to go solar

Idahoans who decided to install solar panels at their homes or businesses are investing their own money to meet their own energy needs. Our utilities should treat these Idahoans fairly by not raising their bills to address lost sales and by paying them fairly for any extra clean energy these citizens produce. Instead, Idaho Power is asking the Public Utilities Commission to change the rules for customer-owned clean energy. You can take action on this by contacting the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) today! Let Idaho’s PUC know that Idahoans have a right to spend their own money to go solar and Idaho Power must treat customers fairly. Particularly since Idaho Power has committed to clean energy; if it’s a good investment for them, it’s a good opportunity for everyday Idahoans, too.

Click here to tell the PUC that you support Idaho’s rights to produce their own solar energy.