Like most kids, riding a bicycle was my first taste of freedom. I could go anywhere (within my neighborhood) at any time (as long as I was home by dark). I still feel that same sense of freedom when riding my bike, but limitations to my independence are no longer imposed by my mom and instead are largely due to a lack of infrastructure. With your help, we can change that here in Ada County.

Time to Update the Master Plan

In 2009, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) created the Roadways to Bikeways Master Plan, which sought to identify opportunities to enhance and expand existing bicycle infrastructure. The plan is coming up on its 10th anniversary, so ACHD thought it was time to update it in response to   improvements of policies, engineering and planning related to bicycle infrastructure. As part of the approval process for these updates, ACHD staff present their plan to the ACHD commissioners, who then vote on whether to adopt the updates. The public can also share their thoughts before the commissioners vote. If you live in Ada County, this is your chance to speak up and show your support for more bicycle infrastructure!

An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure?

Cities across Idaho are among the fastest  growing  in the nation. With this growth comes a great deal of opportunity, but it can also lead to a giant headache if we’re not prepared. Part of what makes living in Idaho great is that we don’t have to waste time stuck in traffic. But if we continue to treat cars as our main mode of transportation than this could be our future. Who wants that?

By diversifying our transportation options-such as expanding our bike lane networks-we can avoid congested roads and wasted time in traffic. We must take steps now to ensure that Ada County residents can freely and efficiently move about the area. Decisions made now will have a profound effect on how we travel throughout this area for years to come.

Take Action!

Join the Idaho Conservation League in showing up to support bicycle infrastructure at the ACHD commissioners meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 6 pm, at the ACHD Auditorium, located at 3775 N Adams St, in Garden City. The meeting place is right off the Greenbelt if you’d like to ride your bike!