The Idaho Conservation League is about many things, but above all, it’s about people.

ICL has been your voice for conservation for over 40 years. ICL’s mission and supporters readily identify who we are and what we do. But ICL is also a business. Our successes are many, but underlying all those is another success: being a highly functioning nonprofit organization. That’s no small thing in the world of nonprofits-and anything else we do first and foremost depends on that.

As of this week, Suki Molina, our deputy director, has worked for the Idaho Conservation League for 25 years. Suki is a key reason that ICL is a highly functioning nonprofit organization-a successful business based on best practices and sound financial guidance.

For 25 years, Suki’s eyes have been on things that most folks don’t notice. Balance sheets and annual audits. Internal systems like mailing schedules and budgets. Health care and other benefits that ICL staff enjoy.

ICL is about our stewardship of Idaho. Likewise, Suki’s 25 years have been focused on stewardship of ICL in myriad ways. Many of us have worked here a long time-and for many reasons. All who work at ICL bring something special every morning as they walk through the door. We all care and get to demonstrate it.  Another reason many of us are still here is that, for 25 years, Suki has worked to make ICL the kind of place where good people want to work.

Twenty-five years is a pretty serious commitment to nonprofit work-especially coupled with a dozen years beforehand when she worked for The Nature Conservancy.

Many thanks, Suki, and congrats on 25 years! A toast from everyone at ICL!