The Curbside compost program in Boise is underway! Has your new cart arrived yet? The city’s  CurbIt website makes it easy to see when your compost cart will be delivered. Be on the lookout for the new tan carts with a green lid.

At ICL, we are a big fan of this program. After all, an unbelievable 45% of the waste in Boise households is compostable. With just a bit of effort, we can divert waste from the landfill to extend its life, improve soil quality and provide an easy way for residents to reduce their waste.

Finished Compost Back to You

Finished  compost will be available at no additional cost to participating customers beginning in October at various locations yet to be determined. The remaining compost may be used at city-owned facilities (e.g. parks, golf courses) or wholesaled, with revenue rolled back into the program.

What Can You Compost? A Lot!

With summertime lawn maintenance in full swing, the compost program is great for your leaves, branches, grass clippings, pine cones and needles. Additionally, participating customers can set out unlimited amounts of leaves year round! No overflow stickers needed anymore.

What about kitchen scraps? You bet! Fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, eggshells. Just remember NO dairy, oils, pet waste, grains or meat products. If you are interested in a compost kitchen pail to keep on your counter or under the sink, they are available for purchase through Republic Services for only $7.50, call them at 208.345.1266 to order.

All You Need to Know to  Do It

The CurbIt site has some great tips for how to keep your cart clean and sweet-smelling. It also provides answers to all kinds of  frequently asked questions, so check it out and get ready to be waste-wise!