We all love  gazing across the  vast landscapes of Idaho. When the air is clear, the views of our rugged mountains, rolling sagebrush  and river canyons are incomparable.  But more and more these days, a haze settles in, marring these views and making the air unhealthy to breathe.  Fortunately, we see a solution on the horizon.

The Problem of Vehicle Exhaust

Vehicle exhaust is the leading cause of local air pollution and climate change in Idaho. Particulates and acid gases contribute to local ozone pollution and make our air unhealthy to breathe. And our climate is changing because of carbon pollution.

ICL knows that getting around is essential to living in a modern society and enjoying Idaho. So we are promoting a range of solutions, such as increasing funding for public transportation and encouraging city planning that makes walking and biking safe and practical.

Driving Our Way to Clean Air

Personal cars will be part of our mix for a long time. Fortunately, electric cars are quickly becoming affordable and practical. Whether they are hybrids (combining batteries and gas) or full electric cars, any reduction in fossil-fuel burning protects our local air quality and climate.

Tesla’s supercars may get the headlines, but other cars makers produce more realistic options. Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Chevy, Kia and Hyundai all make electric or hybrid cars at essentially the same price as fossil-fueled options.  And the drastically cheaper maintenance and fuels costs make electric cars a realistic option today.

Getting Charged

Charging your car is also getting easier and easier. Check out Plugshare.com to see charging stations throughout the state.

Start Now

Protecting our air and climate is a long-term effort. ICL is excited to see growing opportunities to get out and enjoy Idaho while still reducing our footprint. You can help too!

  • Walk or bike to work at least once a week.
  • If you live in a community with public transportation, explore it one day  and learn the ropes.
  • Check out an electric car.
  • Contribute to our It’d My ID campaign to support our work on  climate change, including growing clean energy and transportation in  Idaho.