We hope you, your loved ones, and friends are safe and prepared during this time of crisis. With many of us spending more time at home, here are some energy savings tips to help you and our community remain safe, comfortable, and our utility bills affordable.

Stay safe and connected

Thankfully, we’ve moved out of the cold and are headed towards more comfortable spring weather. As we shelter-in-place and practice social distancing, many of us are facing more time at home and, unfortunately, disrupted livelihoods. This means our monthly utility bills could become a daunting issue and we may not have the money to pay them right now. 

Fortunately, Idaho’s major utilities have taken quick action by pledging not to shut off services for late bill payments. Others are going further to suspend late fees and work with customers to set up payment plans. Click on your utility (or utilities) below to learn more and find contact information.

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission also has a Consumer Assistance Section to help you deal with utility bills and service issues. Contact them at (208) 334-0369 or 1-800-432-0369.

With more time spent at home cooking our meals, please remember to stay safe in the kitchen. If you use a gas stove, always turn on the vent hood or exhaust fan. Burning gas indoors releases harmful chemicals and we all must take care of our lungs.

Stay comfortable

Staying home all day means you will use energy differently than before. Here are some simple things to do to stay comfortable while avoiding a steep utility bill this month.

  • Manage your lights: Lighting is the largest energy consumer in the home. Be sure to turn off lights during the day. Notice which lights you use the most now and replace those with LED bulbs to save energy and money.  
  • Follow the sun: Now you can see how the sun moves around the house during the day. If it’s cool out, open the curtains to let the sun in. That way you get light and heat, for free.
  • Program your thermostat: Heating/cooling is the second largest user of energy at home. Adjust your thermostat to reflect your new routine. With more people at home and more cooking inside, you likely can turn the heat down a notch or two and maintain the same inside temperature.

Stay affordable

ICL’s energy program continues to promote energy conservation incentives and programs offered by our utilities. These options go from no-cost tips to incentives for new appliances. Now is a good time to consider these easy tips and make a plan for a strong recovery.