In another absurd and cynical executive order, the president is trying to eliminate important climate safeguards. We are disappointed in this lack of leadership and basic misunderstanding of facts. Now it is time for Idahoans to stand up for ourselves and take action to protect the air we breathe and the Idaho we love.

What the Executive Order Is About

It’s hard to know where to start when responding to a presidential order divorced from the reality of energy trends. Instead of trying to recreate the wheel, here are three authors who cover the issue better than I can:

  • Reporter Coral Davenport of the New York Times interviewed experts from different sides of the issue. The conclusion: independent experts say the order will neither make us more energy independent nor grow jobs. Tellingly, even a coal company executive says market forces, and not policy, are driving coal out.
  • Susan Mathews in Slate describes how this cynical order "is as damaging as it is dumb."
  • Martha Roberts, in a blog post for the Environmental Defense Fund, explains a bit about the legal implications of the order. Importantly Ms. Roberts writes that despite this order, "States and companies are pressing ahead to reduce carbon pollution, driven in part by deep cost declines for low-carbon power sources such as wind and solar."

What ICL Is Doing about Climate Change

For years, ICL’s energy program has slowly moved our utilities and state away from coal and towards clean energy. Recently we made big progress by helping Idaho Power conclude that closing the North Valmy coal plant soon is in Idaho’s economic interest. We will continue to focus Idaho policy makers on the facts-relying on out-of-state coal drains money from Idaho and reduces our energy independence.

You Can Stand Up and Take Action for Yourself, Too

You can take action, too. Despite what any policymaker says, each of us has the ability to take real actions to protect our air and climate. So, if you disagree with Trump’s position on climate, here are a few concrete things you can do: