Often when the terms “climate change” and “Idaho” come  up together, people  just assume it’s a losing battle.  When I listen to the political rhetoric, I tend to agree. That is not the real story though.

Idahoans Are Responding to a Changing Climate

Idahoans are responding to our changing climate with creative solutions. Every day we see Idaho businesses, farmers and land managers working to address both the causes and consequences of Idaho’s changing climate. Many of these important actions are occurring quietly or just coming up to speed. But they are setting and accelerating a trend-and that is promising.

Learn What’s Happening

Next month (Nov 16-17), you can learn about real solutions in Idaho.  Boise State University is hosting a two-day conference entitled Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy in a Changing Climate. With simultaneous broadcasts and discussions in Moscow and Pocatello, this conference looks beyond politics to focus on facts, opportunities and ultimately solutions.

On hand will be representatives from Idaho Power, Idaho Groundwater Appropriators, Trout Unlimited, and city of Boise who will discuss how their organizations are responding to observed changes in water quality and quantity attributable to climate change.

Similarly, representatives from major Idaho employers like Simplot, HP and Micron will discuss how they are directly addressing effects of climate by changing how they operate their businesses-on both local and global scales.

Plan to Attend the Climate Conference

We at ICL are encouraged to see these leaders step up and take action. Please attend  Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy in a Changing Climate, which includes both panel discussions to learn the  facts about climate impacts and actions  as well as breakout sessions to find  new opportunities for more solutions.

Together we can shape our Idaho story and show Idaho policymakers that  we are ready to face the challenge of a changing climate and find solutions together-the Idaho way.