(BOISE) Gov. Brad Little’s workgroup on salmon and steelhead recovery kicked off for the first time June 28 at the Idaho State Museum in Boise. Idaho Conservation League’s executive director Justin Hayes participated along with about 20 interested stakeholders and lawmakers.

“We thank Gov. Little for bringing together community leaders to consider all options to develop innovative solutions for salmon and steelhead. We want to find win-win solutions together for salmon and steelhead restoration that are equitable, just, sustainable, and prosperous for all Idahoans,” said Hayes.

“We want to consider all our options, recognizing there is no silver bullet for this very complicated issue. We’re going to have to work together to bring back healthy, wild salmon and steelhead to Idaho in abundant, sustainable and meaningful numbers.”

According to the governor’s office, workgroup members include representatives from industry, conservation, sportsmen, state and local leaders, and various other stakeholders. The workgroup will host several meetings throughout Idaho to provide opportunities to share perspectives on salmon policy in Idaho.

Gov. Little directed his Office of Species Conservation to assemble a state working group to develop approaches to saving Idaho’s fish. He first announced this decision at the April 23 Andrus Center Environmental Conference at Boise State University.

ICL is working to save Idaho’s salmon and steelhead. Idaho’s iconic fish populations are spiraling toward extinction despite the hard work of many local communities. If Idaho loses salmon and steelhead, not only will these species perish, an integral part of Idaho’s history, culture, economy and outdoors life will also disappear. Bold action is needed now to develop solutions together that will keep communities whole and not leave Idahoans behind.