Throughout 2017, we at the Idaho Conservation League are  concentrating on lowering our impact on the environment. We invite you to join us in this effort! Let’s challenge each other to live life more fully and commit to improving our health, our well-being and our local communities.

To make lowering your own impact easier, we are offering  green tips this year  in  four areas where  you can  make changes:  energy, transportation, food and water use. We’ll focus on one of these areas for three months at a time. January through  March, we are looking at ways to reduce  energy use-and today, our green tip is  about  community solar.

What Is  Community Solar?

Solar power comes in many forms. Individuals can install a handful of panels on a rooftop to meet their own needs. Developers can install acres of panels to sell to a utility. Community solar sits in the middle-a midsize project operated by a utility on behalf of local users. Community solar provides a reliable, affordable and secure clean energy option for Idaho!

If you want local, clean energy, but investing in panels is not possible or affordable, community solar may be right for you. Maybe you are a renter, or have a leased office building, or simply don’t have thousands to invest. Community solar solves these problems by offering shares so that you can “right size” your subscription according to your budget-and you can take your  subscription with you if  you move.

Find Out More!

Idaho Power Brown Bag Lunch Series presents the Community Solar Program, this Thursday, Feb 9, 12-1, at the Idaho Power Headquarters Auditorium. Can’t make it? Visit or call 208.388.2790 to find out more.

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