This year, ICL is challenging you to think  about how to  lessen your environmental impact and make positive and incremental change for the world around us. Everyone wants a healthy, sustainable community, right?  Transportation is part of creating that-and transportation options are important to keep Idaho’s air clean and our lungs healthy.

Here’s something to think about: the U.S. transportation sector-including cars, trucks, planes, trains ships and freight-counts for nearly 30%  of all global warming emissions. How do choices about where you  live relative to  where you  work, the vehicles you  drive and the way you  get from one place to another affect the place you  call home and the world you  live in?

For the next few months, we will take  a deep dive together into transportation for #greentips. What are the options for public transportation in Idaho, ride shares and Safe Routes to Schools? How is your  neighborhood connected to trails and recreational opportunities? How do you  get more involved in infrastructure planning?

This quarter  we challenge you to consider how you get from point A to point B while reducing your environmental impact. Think about scheduling  your errands more efficiently, walking or bicycling for errands close to home, carpooling more frequently, or planning for “motor-free Mondays.” We will offer actions to take  on a national, state and local level-as well as small things you  can do personally to  change the way you  live.  Let’s challenge each other to live more fully and commit to improving our health, our well-being and our local communities.

Sign the pledge below and stay tuned for more information on how you can be creative with your transportation needs. Join us in our #greentips #transportation challenge!