Last year, we helped coordinate a hearing in the Idaho Capitol to talk about the benefits electric vehicles (EVs) bring to our state. EVs help fight climate change, protect Idaho’s air quality and public health, and boost our economy. In light of this, Gov. Brad Little declared February 14, Electric Vehicle Day. As we prepare to celebrate EV Day 2020, we wanted to share the work that’s been done over the past year. 

2019 Was a Busy Year for EVs

What’s Next? Remove Barriers and Increase Incentives

We’re thrilled with the progress on EVs, but we wouldn’t be a good advocacy group if we stopped there. We’re continuing our efforts to minimize barriers to EV ownership and increase incentives for electric mobility. To achieve this, we all need to raise our voices in support of EVs in Idaho. Contact your state legislators today and tell them you want to see them support EVs in Idaho. Idaho has one of the cleanest energy grids in the nation. It’s time we use the energy produced within our state to power our transportation sector, instead of importing fossil fuels.