There’s always an interesting story behind the work that ICL does. Sometimes it has to do with the strategy we used, other times it’s the success we achieved, and unfortunately sometimes it has to do with a setback we’ve suffered. We always enjoy reliving and reflecting on these stories, and we think you will too, which is why we’ve created the Wild Idaho! podcast.

A New Way to Tell the Stories

Some of ICL’s stories provide occasions to celebrate a win for Idaho’s environment, while others leave us shaking our heads in dismay but nonetheless resolute in our mission to protect Idaho and the people who live here. No matter the type of story, the Wild Idaho! podcast will tell them all. We’re excited to launch this new platform to provide you all the details behind how we work to protect Idaho and the people who live here.

We bring these stories to you through blogs and social media, but as anyone who’s ever spent one-on-one time with ICL’s staff can attest, there’s nothing quite like chatting in person to hear the real scoop behind our work. We hope the Wild Idaho! podcast will be the next best thing to in-person conversations.

Where Can You Listen?

If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, you can find every Wild Idaho! episode  on ICL’s website. New episodes are announced each month in our e-news (use the box in the upper right corner of this page to sign up for our emails).   If you want episodes delivered straight to you, know that we’ll soon be making subscription through iTunes possible!

Be sure to let us know what you think or recommend stories you’d like to hear.