Did you know that our Capitol is the only state capitol in the country heated by geothermal water? This energy option involves no emissions and is environmentally attractive to local business.

Since 1982, the Capitol’s sole heating source has been geothermal power. Southern Idaho has a huge underground reservoir of magma-heated water, and many businesses and homes in the downtown core have access to this geothermal energy.

After an upgrade occurring now, the city will return 100% of the water to the aquifer. A new supply line will also provide 20 million gallons of water for future projects, including Boise State University and the Idaho Conservation League.

The ICL building in Boise is on the new Franklin Street pipeline, so we’ve applied for connection to the city’s geothermal service.

Connecting to the Boise geothermal system will save energy and money. Plus it’s a renewable resource!