Idaho’s non-motorized trail users have a problem that needs a solution. We are blessed with a vast network of trails that lead to stunning vistas, pristine back-country lakes and meadows filled with wildflowers, but our trails are suffering from a lack of maintenance.

This problem is only going to get worse. I just recently learned that the recreation budget for the Idaho Panhandle National Forests will be slashed 30% over the next three years. The forest’s budget is meager to begin with. Other national forests and BLM districts face similar budget trends.

So where do we find the money to maintain non-motorized trails? Unfortunately, I don’t think we can expect Congress to do anything about it. We, as Idahoans, need to come up with our own solution.

Thanks to the leadership of the director of Idaho Parks and Recreation, David Langhorst, we have a way to begin that conversation. IDPR is hosting a forum to explore possible sources of non-motorized trail funding on Feb 11 from 6-8 pm (MST) at the Andrus Center for Public Policy in Boise. More information is available on the IDPR website.

ICL encourages non-motorized users to participate in this forum and help find a source of revenue to maintain our non-motorized trails.

Please be advised that you need to RSVP if you plan to attend.