The Wood River Valley is a wonderful valley filled with beautiful mountains and rivers, amazing people and world-class recreation opportunities. People living in or visiting the valley are always on the go-recreating, enjoying the symphony or attending one of the awesome conferences or lectures in town. This leaves us with the question of figuring out how best to inform the general public about conservation topics?

Last year we ran a canvass program to raise awareness about designating the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains as a national monument.   Our canvassers hung out in public places and attended fun events. Community members and visitors had the  opportunity  to access information about what national monument status really means, sign the petition and get involved locally. Canvassing was a great way to get the community’s attention.

Due to our great success last year, we decided to kick off the 2015 summer with a canvass program addressing the public lands takeover effort and designation of the Boulder-White Clouds as a national monument. We currently have five dedicated canvassers from all over the valley helping inform Wood River Valley residents. If you happen to be walking around town or listening to live music, make sure to keep an eye out for an ICL canvasser and say hello!