Forty-five years ago, ICL was founded by Idahoans who cared about Idaho’s natural environment and recognized it needed an organized voice in the face of increasing threats to public land access, clean water and more. That voice is as necessary today as it was then, and ICL has created a new volunteer program to give our members and supporters the tools and knowledge to become their own best voice for Idaho’s natural resources.

Get ready to be part of a brand new volunteer program and become an ICL advocate! Learn about specific opportunities that we really need your help with so you’re ready to engage in activism parallel to ICL, echoing our objectives while using your own voice and story. These trainings will be held every other month, with different relevant and timely topics on Idaho’s environment.

Our first advocate training is this Thursday, and I have the privilege of leading it. We’re going to talk about Idaho’s water: how it’s managed, how someone gets the right to use it, and how you can be a productive voice for the Idaho waterways you love most.

Our goal is that you’ll walk away from this training with the knowledge and tools you need to productively participate in the process of issuing water rights. We’ll start with a Water 101, talk a little law and policy, and round up with a real life example of how the process works. Sound a little wonky? It is! But we need your help, and we promise to give you all the information you need to play a part in affecting the decision making process – whether that means calling your representative, writing a letter or telling your friends at your next dinner party.

While this first event will be in Boise, it is our goal to make this training available to all our members and supporters statewide. As this program develops, we plan to host trainings in communities throughout the state and provide web options for remote participants. Sign up to volunteer for these trainings here, or make sure you are signed up for ICL emails so you’ll know when future trainings are scheduled.

If you are in Boise, join us! Bring a notebook or a laptop and get ready to be schooled on Idaho water issues. Can’t make it? Make sure to sign up to find out about the next one!