For Immediate Release:

(BOISE) The Idaho Conservation League (ICL) commends City of Boise leaders for unanimously voting on a plan Tuesday to implement a clean energy goal for electricity by 2035 and to set a commitment for gas by 2021.

The plan, named Boise’s Energy Future, originally called for longer timelines for such commitments. During a hearing Tuesday, Boise’s City Council voted to shorten the timeline for electricity by five years to 2035. Similarly, city leaders also committed to set gas conservation or reduction goals by 2021, four years ahead of the plan’s initial schedule.

Ben Otto, ICL’s energy associate, said, “We are extremely pleased with this result. ICL and its partners, the Idaho Chapter of the Sierra Club and Conservation Voters for Idaho, look forward to continuing our work with city officials on achieving these ambitious goals.”

He added, “We’re also willing to help develop and implement new conservation programs with the City of Boise for what’s known as energy-burdened households. City leaders recognized these members of the community struggle with energy bills because they are a huge part of their monthly budget.”

ICL also supports other parts of the plan, including a goal for the city to consider building new, local renewable energy projects that create Idaho jobs and benefit our businesses and workers.

ICL knows that investing in clean energy can grow Idaho’s economy and protect our air quality. Unlike out-of-state fossil fuels, solar, wind and geothermal power are produced right here in Idaho and puts electricians, home builders and other local companies to work. To achieve these benefits, ICL engages with Idaho utilities, regulators and customers to create policies that encourage developing Idaho’s own clean energy sources.