I hope by now you’ve heard ICL talk about the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). We must do more than just talk though. Our actions need to reflect the promise we see for EVs in Idaho. That’s why we installed an EV charger at our Boise office. EVs are the future of transportation in Idaho and the world, and we want to do our part to ensure that future gets here as soon as possible.

Electrify Everything

Reducing emissions from transportation in Idaho is a key component to ICL’s climate work. Transportation is Idaho’s leading contributor of greenhouse gases, so we must do something to clean up this sector.

Have you heard the phrase, “clean the grid and electrify everything”? It’s a popular slogan that cleverly reminds us one of the main objectives in the fight against climate change. Our transportation work is the perfect compliment to our work cleaning up the electrical grid. We’re promoting EVs while simultaneously working with cities, counties, and utilities to make clean energy commitments.

Idaho Needs More EVs. You Can Help.

We will continue to encourage individuals, cities, and businesses to purchase EVs and move away from fossil fuel. We want you to be part of the effort promoting EVs in Idaho. Here are some actions you can take to support EVs and clean transportation in Idaho:

  • Do you own an EV? Tell your story! We would love to hear what you love about being an EV owner and help share your story. If you want share your experience with ICL and our members then contact me, Austin Walkins. Potential EV owners can benefit from hearing your perspective, and your story could help them decide to purchase an EV.
  • In the market for a new car? Consider an EV. You can compare various EVs online then call around to dealerships to schedule test drives. There’s also a growing used EV market, such as Fairly Reliable Bob’s Electric Alley in Boise. Whether you buy new or used, be sure to look at all the money you’ll save!
  • Don’t need a new car, but support EVs? Not everyone is currently in the market for a new car, but everyone can help increase the number of EVs on the road. Reach out to your elected leaders and ask them to support EVs in Idaho — such as providing financial incentives for EV ownership, updating building codes so new construction is EV ready, or investing in more EV chargers.