I never doubt that Idahoans care. Yesterday it was pretty obvious that Idahoans love their Idaho.

Idaho Gives, an online fundraiser for Idaho’s nonprofits, topped $1 million yesterday-in one day. This is money Idahoans give to support all kinds of nonprofits, all of whom exist to help make Idaho the best it can be.

ICL was part of that day. ICL ranked 5th among the largest nonprofits in the state for total number of donations. For this, we give a huge "Thank You!"

Supporters gave $25,757 to the Idaho Conservation League through Idaho Gives. This total comes from online gifts, a big match, and folks walking in our front door to hand us checks.

But Idaho Gives is a lot more than money. It’s also community.

Idahoans are increasingly showing that they care about Idaho’s clean air, clean water and special places-and not just through the Idaho Conservation League. Idaho’s conservation community is growing and that’s good for Idaho.

  • Recently, BSU ranked third for outdoors-minded students. Idaho is now attracting young, bright minds because it’s a special place to enjoy. That’s good for Idaho.
  • A recent study by the independent firm ECONorthwest showed that quiet recreation visits to Idaho’s BLM lands alone generated $189 million in direct spending within 50 miles of the recreation sites. These dollars then circulated through the state economy, resulting in $56 million in employee salaries, wages and benefits. These things are good for Idaho.
  • A Colorado College poll recently indicated that 72% of westerners say public lands-including national forests, national monuments, and wildlife refuges-help their state economy. That’s good for Idaho.

Across the state, ICL staff and volunteers are active in collaborative efforts on a wide variety of conservation issues, working with a wide spectrum of voices to find common ground-common ground that respects our neighbors and preserves Idaho values. Finding that common ground is good for Idaho.

It’s an amazing thing to see people statewide come together through something like Idaho Gives. Idaho Gives isn’t just about raising money. It’s about growing community. That’s why we’re happy to be a part of it.

One of our goals is to build Idaho’s conservation community, and we see it happening daily. We certainly saw it on Idaho Gives!

Special thanks from ICL to all those who demonstrated their support for Idaho’s clean water, clean air and beautiful lands yesterday. Thanks to Buffington Mohr McNeal, DB Fitzpatrick, John & Elaine French, Steve Mitchell & Louisa Moats, and an anonymous ICL member for the big $12,500 match-and to the Idaho Nonprofit Center for making it all possible.

Wallace Stegner wrote that we’ll know we have succeeded when we "create a society to match the scenery." Idaho Gives shows we’re getting there.