Idaho Gives is a day to celebrate the fantastic work done by nonprofits throughout the state of Idaho. It also highlights the fact that it is because of YOU that these groups are able to do their important work! Without the support of our community of people dedicated to creating positive change in the world, we wouldn’t be here. It’s called Idaho Gives, but what it really shows is that Idaho cares. The incredible generosity that happens on this day is a clear indication that together, we can achieve truly spectacular and transformational things, because we care. Here are a few words from the ICL staff about why they care about our work and Idaho Gives:

"A few weeks ago, I asked my teenage children to accompany me at an ICL table event where their unpaid duty was to help me talk about ICL’s role in protecting Idaho’s air, land and water. Throughout the evening, I sat back, watched and listened to how they both eloquently and smartly spoke about their love of Idaho and the importance of protecting that which they care about. Why do I think it is important to support ICL on Idaho Gives? For all those future adventurous souls! So they have a forever home with a community of conservation-minded people in our wild expanse of desert, night skies, mountain lakes and rivers."

– Lana W.

"People may not understand how much of our social and environmental safety nets rely on nonprofits. Whether Idahoans know it, they benefit from the work ICL does to safeguard their air, water and lands."

– Natalie C.

"I consider myself abundantly fortunate to live in a state with such stunning natural beauty. As Idahoans, we have a responsibility to protect the wild areas and natural resources that make this place unique and wonderful. I will support Idaho Conservation League during Idaho Gives because I believe in the way ICL collaborates with others to create Idaho-specific solutions so our generation and future generations may enjoy living and recreating in this amazing place."

– Haley R.

"One of my favorite things about Idaho Gives is how it amplifies the important work done by nonprofits. Traditional and social media are focused on the giving, and that draws invaluable attention to ICL and all the participating NGOs. Another awesome thing: the bonus gifts awarded throughout the day are based on total number of givers, as opposed to total money raised. Essentially, the more individual gifts ICL receives, the better our odds are of receiving bonus prizes which translate directly into more resources to protect Wild Idaho!"

-Marie K.

"With your gift, ICL will work hard to protect Idaho’s fish, wildlife, and public lands!"

– Brad S.

"The Idaho Conservation League is YOUR voice for conservation in Idaho. You care about protecting water quality – so ICL staff review every discharge permit in Idaho, we attend local, state and federal meetings about Idaho water quality standards and we go to court to stop polluters. You care about protecting Idaho from the impacts of climate change – so ICL staff work through the Public Utilities Commission to reduce Idaho’s reliance on coal-fired power plants, getting commitments to shutter coal-fired power plants years ahead of schedule. You care about protecting Idaho’s backcountry – so ICL staff participate in the planning processes for every national forest in Idaho, protecting special areas and working with local communities to prioritize sound management. We know you can’t make it to every meeting and review every project – that’s where we come in and make sure your voice is heard."

– Justin H.

"Idaho has so much to offer, including an abundance of wildlife, vast landscapes, welcoming communities, and the capacity to protect our resources. The Idaho Conservation League is dedicated to the environment that we live and play in. The gracious support we receive is critical to supporting our mission to protect the air you breathe, the water you drink and the land you love. By giving to ICL, you help Idaho thrive!"

– Amanda G.

"We simply can’t do our work without support. The gifts people make through Idaho Gives help ICL create amazing accomplishments – like the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve (the nation’s first!); closing 50 industrial wells where waste like motor oil was dumped; stopping pollution of the Boise River by Atlanta Gold mine; moving Idaho from coal toward electricity generation; creating the wilderness stewardship program for Boulder-White Clouds and Owyhees; and so much more. But perhaps most meaningful for me is that Idaho Gives helps ICL protect the best of Idaho for now and for future generations, whether that means clean air, clean and ample water, or special places."

– Mary Beth W.

Ask any of the ICL staff, and they will tell you, we love what we do and we love our amazing conservation community. We are so grateful for your partnership! When ICL staff make their way into the office each day to protect Idaho, they do so on behalf of the people who make it all possible, our members and supporters. Please make a gift on May 3 for Idaho Gives to support our work to protect the best of Idaho, for you, for us, and for future generations.