A Voice for Conservation at the Idaho Statehouse

ICL is your voice for conservation in the Statehouse. ICL was founded in 1973 to serve as the voice for conservation in the Idaho Statehouse, and for over 50 years we’ve played a critical role on issues that matter to you and families across the state.

The Idaho Legislature considers hundreds of bills each session and many of those have an impact on Idaho’s air, water, wildlife, and communities. We represent our members by working with legislators, partners, and constituents to advance conservation goals. We also track, analyze, and take positions on proposals that impact our environment and public health.

Our government relations director, Jonathan Oppenheimer, is at the statehouse every day during the session to represent you, advocating for clean energy, public lands, clean water, and wildlife. Jonathan tracks bills, resolutions, and budgets, and regularly testifies before committees in the statehouse.

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