We here at ICL care about Idaho. To protect and restore Idaho clear air and clean water, we rely on longstanding laws like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. For decades we have worked with state and national officials to ensure strong protections, a robust permitting process and timely enforcement. While not always a smooth ride, today Idaho’s air and water is cleaner because of this work.

Who Could Be Against  Clean Air and Water?

Today we also face a major challenge to this progress. At the national level, nominated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator  Scott Pruitt is famous for challenging the very necessity of these bedrock protections. His transition chief Myron Ebell  recently stated that the work of the EPA is largely done, thus we can begin disbanding the agency. This may be music to the ears of Idaho state legislators, but the facts on the ground and opinions of Idahoans tell a very different story.

At ICL we use our bedrock national environmental laws as a backstop to ensure Idaho agencies and industries protect our air and water. We know the job is not done. All of Idaho’s rivers are not "fishable and swimmable"-the goal of the Clean Water Act. Our air quality is exceeding safe limits for ozone and particulates, causing more kids and the elderly to get sick.

A Strong EPA Means a Healthier Idaho

We will continue to seek strong air and water protections because Idahoans deserve healthy and vibrant communities. To ultimately succeed, we need a strong EPA to enforce necessary regulations. Scott Pruitt is not fit to lead the EPA and seeks to undermine the  support the agency provides to communities nationwide.

If you care about clean air and water, now is your chance to speak up! Contact your senators and request that they  oppose the nomination of Mr. Pruitt to head the EPA.