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Climate change is affecting Idaho today-on the ground and in the water-forcing us to view our amazing landscapes and abundant wildlife through a new lens. Our natural resources are threatened in new ways that require creative and nimble conservation solutions  to protect  Idaho’s  clean air and clean, free-flowing water.  Now more than ever, environmental actions on many issues-including climate-will happen at the state level.

It’s My ID!

It’s My ID  is a special ICL campaign that will  increase our ability to do critical climate work that  protects Idaho’s water, encourages strong energy policy and ensures that citizens are informed and empowered. It’s My ID will provide a $2 million climate fund (to support our energy and water programs) and $2 million to double ICL’s permanent endowment.

Clean Energy

Idaho is on a coal-free trajectory. Due to ICL’s work, our utilities and regulators are looking at how to close the coal plants that provide 40% of Idaho’s electricity. We have already succeeded in reaching a decision to close a Nevada coal plant that provides energy to Idaho in the 2020s. We are not winning these arguments because of climate change. We are winning based on economics-coal is too expense. We bring in the best economic experts and arguments and we make the case.

Clean Water

ICL has a long history of protecting water quality and now ICL works to ensure that water use is sustainable. This means keeping water from being wasted, as well as ensuring that aquifers remain clean and rivers have enough water in them to support our fisheries and our families. Returning water to rivers and aquifers is another goal, so that as precipitation cycles changes, fish have sufficient cold, clean water to survive.

ICL Endowment

ICL is also raising $2 million to double ICL’s permanent endowment, generating earnings that will allow us to stay nimble and fund fast-breaking conservation needs. This permanent fund is invested (with no fossil fuel assets!) to produce income to support ICL’s work. The endowment is a vital source of unrestricted revenue each year and has allowed us to jump on breaking opportunities-such as stopping the nation’s largest source of airborne mercury, gold processing facilities in Nevada-and keeps the compass steady for long term priorities like wilderness protection.

What You Can Do

It’s My ID is one of the most ambitious efforts in ICL’s history. It reflects the growing importance of conservation work in our changing world. An investment in It’s My ID is an investment in Idaho’s future.

If you haven’t given yet, consider making a gift  to our It’s My ID campaign now. Your gift will help ICL address Idaho’s conservation challenges for generations to come. Contributions to It’s My ID are matched dollar for dollar, thanks to an ICL leadership match! Thank you for helping us reach our $4 million campaign goal!