Wildlife and conservation advocates across the West are coordinating a huge social media blitz today and tomorrow, June 25-26, on behalf of sage-grouse and other western wildlife. (Follow the blitz on Facebook or Twitter at #SaveGrouse.)

What’s Prompting All This Buzz?

First, the greater sage-grouse is an iconic species in the West. This bird, known especially for the male’s fascinating mating dance, shares its sagebrush home with more than 350 other species, including elk, mule deer, pronghorns and golden eagles. But more than half of the West’s sagebrush habitat has been lost or degraded in the past century. That certainly deserves our attention.

Second, the state of Idaho, federal agencies and conservation organizations have been
working together like never before to find solutions that ensure a
future for sage-grouse and other wildlife while still allowing our
economies to prosper. To that end, the administration released 14 plans for conservation of the sage-grouse and its sagebrush home. Although these plans are better than drafts released in 2013, they still need some improvements to meet the best available science.

What’s ICL Doing for Sage-grouse?

The Idaho Conservation League is very involved in protecting sage-grouse. We serve on the Idaho Sage-grouse Advisory Committee, a multiple-stakeholder working group that coordinates conservation efforts. We also served on the Governor’s Sage-grouse Task Force and raised the bar on proposed state protections.

In addition, we continue advocating for the sage-grouse so that it can “strut and dance” into the future. Last October, we reviewed the state’s recommendations and told you what we thought.

Grab Your Megaphone!

You can take up the cause as well and show that you value the sagebrush habitat-for the sage-grouse and all the species that call it home.

  • Take a few minutes to submit comments to the administration. We’ve provided you some text and talking points, but you can adapt it to share your own appreciation for this iconic species.
  • If you tweet, follow #SaveGrouse.
  • If you’re on Facebook, check out the BLM’s page.