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Thanks to fair rules and plenty of sunshine, Idaho is enjoying a clean energy boom. Let’s keep that boom going by supporting long-term contracts for independent  energy producers. Not sure what that means? Keep reading!

The Idaho Energy Picture Now

Based on current rules in Idaho, independent businesses are investing millions in Idaho’s clean energy sector. This means locally grown energy. It also means jobs, a growing tax base, and energy production that protects the air you breathe.

But now Idaho utilities-Avista, Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power-want to stop this progress. They claim that Idahoans don’t need new energy sources.

But ICL knows that Idahoans need fair-priced, clean energy every minute of every day. And we know that Idaho’s current clean energy rules are the right balance to meet this need.

Why Should You Care?

Strong clean energy rules protect our air and climate:

  • Burning coal and gas pollutes our air with acid gas, mercury and carbon.
  • Mining coal and gas pollutes water sources and destroys wildlife habitat.
  • Transporting coal and oil threatens the health and safety of North Idaho communities.

Nurturing Idaho’s clean energy sector helps make us energy independent,  brings investment to Idaho communities, and protects clean air and a  stable climate for our children and grandchildren.

We Need You to Take Action

Please stand up for Idaho’s clean energy future, and here’s how:


Interesting in Meeting Your Legislators?

The Idaho Conservation League is cohosting a legislative reception with Conservation Voters for Idaho on Monday, Feb 23, 5-7 pm, at Beside Bardenay in Boise. Plan to join us for appetizers, beverages and good company!