The Idaho Conservation League was founded to be a voice for conservation at the Idaho Statehouse. Each January, I trade in my hiking boots for wingtips, dust off my suit, don an appropriate tie, and head into the majestic marble-lined halls of the Capitol to be “your voice for conservation.”

Despite the uphill challenges that ICL faces, advocating for your public lands, clean energy, wildlife and clean water is what we do best. We know that these are the issues you care about too. That’s why ICL has such a loyal and devoted membership base. You stand with us-because we stand with you!

Even when we know that we’ll face strong opposition, we know that you’re standing right there behind us, cheering us on. We relish the opportunity to protect the values and issues that make Idaho Idaho.

How Can You Get Involved?

When the Idaho Legislature convenes on Monday, Jan 9, we’ll be there. We’ll be attending the Governor’s State of the State address, monitoring committee hearings, tracking bills and meeting with legislators.

And each week, I’ll email our legislative update, Your Voice for Conservation, to keep you up to speed with what’s happening.

We’ll also be providing you with opportunities to reach out to your legislators-to let them know that you are paying attention and that you care about protecting Idaho’s clean water, public lands and quality of life.

So now’s a great time to sign up to receive Your Voice for Conservation. Make sure that when the gavel opens the 2017 Idaho Legislature, you won’t miss a beat! On our website, click Sign Up for Emails in the upper right corner and provide your information. Then  Your Voice for Conservation will arrive in your Inbox every Friday.

What Are Our Legislative Priorities?

The legislative agenda remains fuzzy for 2017. But hot topics include boosting license fees for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, state takeover of public lands, transportation funding, and oil and gas rules.

Of course, the issues that we spend the most time on are often those that we didn’t expect. That’s why it’s so important that ICL tracks the issues you care about, day in and day out. Sign up for our legislative updates now (upper right corner of our website) and stay informed!

Besides serving as your voice at the Statehouse, I enjoy the opportunity to wear a fitting tie each day. My stock is somewhat limited-only about 25 colorful or conservation-themed ties adorn the tie rack in my office. If you have some wildlife or other appropriate ties that deserve a trip to the Capitol, send them my way. One that you provide might even be featured in Your Voice for Conservation some week!