It’s been one heck of a year, right? Seriously, it’s been gnarly. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is rolling back protections so fast the list blurs and is outdated within a week. National monuments are shrinking before our eyes. From the worst storms to the worst floods to the continual fires, climate effects are shaping us. Yet we are the only nation in the world not part of the Paris climate treaty.

Regardless, ICL Saw Successes in 2017

Despite all that, a week ago, the first dark sky reserve in the United States was designated-in Idaho-protecting the night skies above one of Idaho’s most iconic landscapes. The year started with nearly 3,000 people marching for public lands at the Idaho Statehouse, and for the first time in a few years, there was no movement of a public land takeover bill in the Legislature. And ICL was a part of each effort.

This year, ICL worked to protect your water. We helped close 50 industrial wells where wastes like motor oil was dumped into the ground, putting Idaho’s groundwater at risk. ICL secured another court order to stop the Atlanta Gold mine from continuing to pollute the Boise River, and we issued a first-ever report card on all municipal wastewater treatment plants.

With your help, we also advanced work to disconnect Idaho’s electricity generation from coal.

ICL helped permanently end livestock grazing in salmon habitat in the Boulder-White Clouds and built up our wilderness stewardship program. In the Panhandle, we’re closer to a first-ever new wilderness in the Scotchman Peaks. And yes, there is more.

Your support, very literally, made every 2017 achievement possible, as well as solid daily defense against the challenges flowing from Washington, DC.

Strength, Resilience, Power and Purpose for 2018

As we move into 2018, we must do so with strength and resilience, power and purpose. We need your help as never before.

Reeling from an election a year ago, I wrote to members across Idaho about hope. I suppose we needed it. We still do. I also wrote about the fascination with catching every moment of news-most all bad-facilitated by the devices we all carry. I compared this to river running-to entering rapids staring at the rocks rather than watching the flow of the water. Stare at the rocks, you end up on the rocks. Looking at our work, the flow is where people power is.

A year later, I stand by both. Have hope and stop staring at the rocks.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s my job to know what’s going on and it’s grim. I’ve been to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Bears Ears National Monument. But I also see more reason for hope every day and together, it’s all of our jobs to build it.

Hope keeps us pulling on the oars, and smart strategy keeps us focused on the flow.

Give Today!

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