Bitter Battles Boil Over, But …

The House and Senate remained divided this week as both chambers adjourned Sine Die on Thursday afternoon, bringing an end to the 95-day long session. The good news is that the Senate refused to consider the watered-down Citizen’s Initiative Bill (aka Revenge on Voters Act) that the House passed. While the House finally released the bills they’d been holding hostage, the Senate turned down the House’s bid for a $10 million office remodel, and also didn’t go along with plans to repurchase the old Home Federal Bank Building across from the Capitol. BUT, based on the House’s refusal to consider a must-pass Rules Extension Bill, there are still many unanswered questions so there’s a decent chance that the Governor may be required to call a special session to address this singular issue.

Packing ‘Em Away

As I reorient myself away from the polished floors and marble hallways of the Idaho Statehouse and toward the mountains, forests and rivers of our state, I’ll be packing away my wingtips and trading ‘em in for my hiking boots. It’s been a long (3rd longest in the last 26 years) session and, as usual, we had a mixture of successes and challenges. I am grateful to all those who support ICL’s mission and am honored to serve as Your Voice for Conservation in the Statehouse. Your support, words of encouragement and pep talks kept me going for the full 95 days (I appeared in the Statehouse each of those days, and also wore a different tie each and every day of the session!). For the final report on the Session though, you’ll need to be an ICL member to receive the full glossy (with photos!) special sine die edition of the newsletter with a complete report on the ins and outs of conservation-related legislation in the mail. So don’t delay — sign up today!

Final TOTW — Sine Tie!

Several staff consider this my ugliest tie, and since there’s no way that I could do my job without the support of all my fellow staff members, this one’s dedicated to ICL’s hardworking staff, especially those who’ve been incredibly helpful this session: Legislative Intern Alli Olson, North Idaho Outreach Assistant Shelby Herber, Development & Marketing Associate Haley Robinson and even new Communications Associate Scott Ki (for helping us finish strong). This one’s for you! I bring you the final Tie of The Week! Until next session!

Esto perpetua,