This blog has been populated lately with thoughtful commentary on climate change from both Gary Payton, an ICL member who is in Paris observing historic climate negotiations, and Pat Ford, who writes about the waning days we are witnessing of Bogus Basin, a close-to-home victim of climate change.

Even as more than 100 heads of state from around the planet gather in Paris to try to slow or stop the increase of global temperatures, our elected officials here at home are undermining their efforts with a plan to increase oil production.

Keeping fossil fuels in the ground is the one clear course of action to slow and reverse the death march toward global warming, yet our U.S. Senate is poised to vote on a bill-before the Paris talks are even concluded-that would open the spigot of domestic oil upon the international marketplace.

The U.S. oil export ban has been around since the 1970s to protect us from oil shortages and volatile gas prices. Now that fracking has opened up more drilling opportunities, the oil industry knows it will benefit financially if the U.S. becomes an oil exporter.

If that happens, you can be certain there will be even more pressure to approve oil export facilities on the West Coast, and there will be ever more “bomb trains” rumbling through North Idaho.

Call or email our senators today and ask them to vote AGAINST lifting the oil export ban. The vote is expected Thursday, so take action today!

Addendum: 12/22/15 – Last week Congress passed a bill to lift the oil export ban. We thank those who called and emailed our Congressmen. Even though the bill passed, it’s important they hear from their constituents on issues that affect them. Now, more than ever, we need to work to stop new oil terminals from being constructed on the West Coast.