Curious about Idaho Power’s recent commitment to 100% clean energy? Wondering if we have the technology necessary to achieve this vision? Wondering what the Idaho Conservation League’s take is on the most important progress made to date in Idaho to protect our air and climate? Now’s your chance to learn more straight from the source. You can listen in here.

ICL’s energy associate Ben Otto joined Idaho Power Vice President Adam Richins and Boise State University Engineering Professor John Gardner on July 8 for a panel on our opportunity to create a clean, reliable and affordable energy future for Idaho. Hosted by the City Club of Boise, each panelist laid out his vision for the future and then answered audience questions about the challenges and opportunities to get there.

ICL’s vision is to protect our air, land, water, and climate from the wide variety of pollutants that come from burning fossil fuels. While coal power is cooking our climate, vehicle exhaust is our largest local air quality problem. Fortunately, we see an opportunity to address this challenge.

Adam Richins of Idaho Power talked about the company’s new commitment to 100% clean electricity.

ICL has been working towards that goal for years, including convincing Idaho Power to exit the Valmy coal plant beginning this year.

Now that our electric grid is getting clean, we can electrify everything. By moving towards electric transportation, we leverage our work cleaning the grid to protect the air we breathe every day.

Summer is when electricity is used the most. As you take your summer trip or relax in Idaho’s wonderful outdoors, listen in to learn more.

Want to do more to conserve energy and take action? You can make a big difference in your own home to support a clean energy future for Idaho. Get involved and start saving energy today! Click here to TAKE ACTION.