On April 22, communities across the U.S. will come together to march in support of science. We’ve come to rely so heavily on science in our everyday lives that some have forgotten just how important a scientific approach is to answering life’s most challenging questions. It’s time we all remind folks that science is essential to our quality of life.

Life Without Science

Do you remember when lead was in paint and gasoline? When’s the last time you heard someone mention the hole in the ozone layer? We have faced many threats to our health and environment-and  because of science we’ve always overcome these obstacles.

Today, we use science to provide answers on everything from what food is healthy to eat, to which medications we should take, to  what we need to do to protect future generations from a warming planet. It’s critical that we continue to use a science-based approach to answer such questions.

Why Do We Use a Scientific Approach?

To quote Richard Dawkins, we use science because it works. "If you base medicine on science, you cure people. If you base the design of planes on science, they fly. If you base the design of rockets on science, they reach the moon."

Scientists dedicate their careers to finding answers to the most pressing questions of their time. But their work doesn’t stop once they find an answer. Scientists then challenge other scientists to repeat their work to ensure everyone comes up with the same answer. What this means is the final answer has been thoroughly vetted, and provides the best answer for the question at hand.

We Are All Scientists-And It’s Time to Show Our Support!

Science isn’t just about mixing chemicals or building rocket engines. Science is literally all around us, and we all act as scientists every day! Think back to when you were a child, budding with curiosity at the ever-changing world around you. Kids are constantly asking questions and seeking answers. This is the very core of the scientific method-make observations, develop questions, test questions, repeat. We all use this approach because we’re all scientists!

Join your fellow science supporters at  marches planned throughout Idaho on April 22  and show that we all need and support science in our lives!