The ICL offices in Boise welcome two summer interns to the team!

Haley Robinson

Haley credits Yellowstone National Park for inspiring her passion for the outdoors. Growing up, she spent many summers traveling to Yellowstone with her family. Ultimately, she loved it so much that she spent a summer working in the park during college. After earning an undergraduate degree in mass communication and journalism, she began a career in marketing but never lost her love of adventuring.

In an effort to unite her skills in marketing and communication with her passions for conservation, Haley began working on her master’s degree in public administration, emphasizing in environmental policy. She is excited to join the ICL team and help focus on outreach efforts while expanding her knowledge of environmental policy and conservation.

In her free time, Haley enjoys hiking, hot yoga and spending time with her dogs and husband.

Will Wicherski

Though Will is a Boise native, he has spent a fair share of time exploring the world beyond the Gem State. After high school, Will packed his bags for a gap year at a ski academy in Northern Norway, where he learned to speak Norwegian. Afterward, he attended Williams College in Massachusetts where he double majored in geology and history. His next adventure will be at the University of Boulder, where he’ll work  toward a master’s degree in geography.

Before he begins graduate school, Will wanted to spend a productive summer back home working with ICL on policy issues. Previous work in environmental consulting introduced Will to the environmental economy, but he wanted to learn more about the nonprofit side of conservation. Growing up, he admired the mission and accomplishments of ICL and is excited to contribute to the work they do protecting the environment in his home state.

In his free time, Will enjoys skiing of all kinds including alpine, Nordic, backcountry, telemark and snowblading.