For Immediate Release: March 1, 2021


Josh Johnson, Conservation Associate, Idaho Conservation League,

(208) 345-6933 x 201


Theresa Hughes, Environmental Specialist, Idaho Cobalt Operations,

(208) 756-4578 x 1106


SALMON, Idaho – The Idaho Conservation League (“ICL”) and Jervois Mining USA Limited (“Jervois”) announced on March 1, 2021 an innovative partnership to protect and restore fish, water quality, wildlife habitat, and biodiversity within the Upper Salmon River basin. Known as the Upper Salmon Conservation Action Program (“Program”), this voluntary effort will help fund projects to protect and enhance this ecologically important region of Idaho.

Jervois’ Idaho Cobalt Operations (“ICO”) is located approximately 25 miles west of Salmon, Idaho. The ICO is a permitted underground cobalt mine that is anticipated to start production in mid-2022. Once operational, the ICO would be the only producing cobalt mine in the United States. Cobalt is an essential component of electric vehicle batteries and is also required in the construction of jet airplane engines and land-based turbines for wind power generation.

According to the agreement between ICL and Jervois, Jervois will contribute $150,000 per year into a dedicated fund for the Program through the operational life of the ICO mine. The Program is separate from and unrelated to the mitigation measures and other regulatory requirements applicable to the ICO. Further, the agreement does not place any conditions or limitations on either party aside from those pertaining directly to the Program.

Justin Hayes, ICL’s executive director, said, “This new Program will provide real, tangible benefits to the basin’s water quality, habitat, fish, and wildlife. The projects this Program will fund and the benefits they will provide are separate from and go above and beyond what is required from federal and state regulatory agencies to protect our public lands. ICL will maintain an active relationship with Jervois to help direct use of the Program funds to restore and protect critical habitat for fish and wildlife, while separately continuing to monitor already-permitted mining operations at the ICO.”

Bryce Crocker, CEO of Jervois, said, “Cobalt is an essential enabler of the greening of America’s transportation and power generation systems. While we are excited about the positive national and global benefits that the ICO will facilitate, we are also proud to partner with the ICL to build a cleaner Idaho and to help to protect the Upper Salmon River basin. By working together, we can ensure that Idaho has both a vibrant economy and environment.”

Representatives from ICL and Jervois will annually, beginning this spring, solicit and select proposals from interested parties in the region. All of the funds, which will be held in a dedicated account by Jervois, will be put towards on-the-ground projects. The projects may involve activities such as removing barriers to fish passage, improving spawning habitat for salmon and steelhead, and restoring surrounding streamside habitat.

Mr. Crocker added: “The ICO will apply best-in-class environmental standards, systems and techniques in the production of cobalt in Idaho. Yet, our project will operate in a bigger context. With this agreement, Jervois is able to extend its positive environmental ethos to supporting improvements in the health of a vital watershed. Importantly, the agreement also calls for an ongoing dialogue with communities in the area, including the Shoshone-Bannock and Nez Perce Tribes and local, state, and federal agencies, about investment priorities for the Program.” 


The Idaho Conservation League is Idaho’s leading voice for conservation — for the clean water, clean air, special places, and fish and wildlife that make Idaho’s exceptional quality of life possible. We participate in collaborative projects and partnerships across the state to help develop and implement policies that help restore and sustain Idaho’s clean air, clean water, public lands, fish and wildlife, and the communities that depend on them.

Jervois Mining Limited (ASX: JRV) (TSX-V: JRV) (OTC: JRVMF) is an Australia-based mining and refining company. It is a leading cobalt company with significant nickel and copper exposure. Its core mission is to become a leading supplier of responsibly sourced battery minerals products supporting United States industry. ICO is located in the cobalt belt in Lemhi County, Idaho.