Note: Enjoy some thoughts and images from this year by our 2015 artist in residence, photographer Peter Lovera! Peter has packed the year with Idaho adventures-from rafting to biking to hiking to trail maintenance, including an exploration into Idaho’s newest designated wilderness. His photographs, best enjoyed in large format, capture both vast vistas and intimate glimpses of Idaho’s landscapes. Check out more of Peter’s photography at his closing show in Boise, tomorrow, Dec 3. If you can’t make it to the show, you can find his images at his online store. Thank you, Peter, for all the amazing things you’ve done with us this year and for the beauty and wholeheartedness that you have shared!

We are excited to soon welcome the 2016 artist in residence, so stayed tuned for an announcement next week.

This year was outta sight! Never before have I devoted an entire year focused on a particular vision through photography. I am beyond grateful. If by chance I ever decide to put this camera down and pursue something else, I would like my work to be remembered as telling a story that emphasized the importance of returning to our roots. Of choosing awareness and insight over fear. Choosing to see divine beauty in small, subtle movements all around us.

You and I live in interesting times. Our attentions and desires are bought and sold at an incredible rate, wielding an overbearing mountain of information at our fingertips. This has proven to be both helpful as well as problematic, while mostly just drawing more lines in the sand. I truly believe that (now more than ever) it is crucial to step away from this cacophony of calamity, to wipe our eyes and hearts clean in the presence of wilderness, if only for a little while. Trust me, there is magic to be found out there, and it’s REAL.

I started this residency in the heart of winter last year… (read the entire blog and see all the images Peter showcased!)

-Peter Lovera