We were thrilled when Patagonia’s sponsored trail runner Luke Nelson approached us with the idea of running through the Boulder-White Clouds to highlight human-powered travel through the proposed national monument. What better way to see this amazing wild country?

Athlete to Tell Story of Boulder-White Clouds

It is in the outdoor sports company Patagonia’s mission statement to use business to inspire, and company ambassadors are at the center of Patagonia’s product development and grassroots storytelling.

Luke’s objective is simple-he wants to tell a story about the stunning beauty, clear water and rich wildlife habitat. He wants to feel the Idaho dirt under his toes as he peels off his shoes at the end of a day. Glance at the white bark pine trees as he runs by, and give high fives to the steelhead and Chinook salmon in the crystal clear waters. He wants to log mile after mile of roadless landscapes, and at the end of a long day watch the sun set against the Idaho sky.

A Trail Runner’s Dream

Really, it is a trail runner’s dream… 90-plus miles over two days, climbing summits and peaks, on some of the most cherished and highly regarded backcountry trails systems in Idaho. Luke may catch his breath at special places like Bowery hotsprings and the towering 11,815-foot Castle Peak. And he will pass by more than 100 lakes on his journey, some not even named.

Will You Join Us?

In the end, the goal of this long distance run is to build awareness and generate petition signatures in support of protecting this landscape. More than 100,000 people have already joined in the effort to protect the Boulder White-Clouds by asking the president to designate the area as a national monument. But we haven’t reached the finish line yet. By following Luke’s run through the wild, we too can experience this magical place. Will you join us?

Please follow the journey with us on Facebook and Twitter on June 19 and 20. And then join Luke, his team and ICL to hear stories of his run on Monday, June 22, at The Elephant’s Perch in Ketchum. Hope to see you there!