Thanks for showing interest in ICL’s new Wildlife Program!

Wildlife is an integral part of Idaho’s natural heritage, and although Idaho is one of the last states where you can still find virtually all of the native fish and wildlife species, stronger action and advocacy is needed to keep it this way. ICL has been an advocate for Idaho’s wildlife since its founding in 1973. Now, recognizing the increasing urgency and national attention surrounding wildlife diversity declines, especially related to habitat and climate issues, ICL will be elevating its engagement in this arena with the launch of a new Wildlife Program.

This new program is expanding the wildlife work ICL has been doing since its founding and will respond to the growing threats to Idaho’s wildlife and its ability to persist in the face of rapid ecological change. We will advocate for all Idaho wildlife and work on your behalf to promote and protect the critical species that make Idaho a great place to live. We are looking forward to keeping you updated through bi-monthly emails and ways to take action!