Generally, Ada County has been pretty mindful when it comes to protection of open space. Policies and goals are put in place for clean water, air and land and are well supported by the community and partnerships. Then there are certain things that come around that just seem wrong.

A recent conditional use permit (CUP) application was submitted to Ada County Development Services that requested the go-ahead to build a personal aircraft landing field just above the city. This landing strip is within the Boise City Area of Impact and in close proximity to the Boise River Wildlife Management Area where there is consistent use of wintering elk and deer. The permit for this potential airstrip and adjoining hangar, located just to the east of Table Rock, lists the frequency of use of up to 14 times per week.

Idaho Conservation League opposes this proposed project. The potential of the project completely negates the controlled development goal of protection of our foothills, ridgelines, surrounding neighborhoods and wildlife. It’s a far-fetched idea that reaches beyond what should be allowable and opens the gates to future implications, and it destroys a balance between the human and wildlife interface.

We encourage you to read more about this permit. Visit the Ada County Application Tracing System and click on "Application Information.” Click on “Supporting Documents” for deeper information, including the site plan, comment letters and more. Think about the long-term growth and impact to our foothills and open space. Does flying low personal aircraft incredibly close to surrounding neighborhoods adhere to the goals that are already put in place? Does it follow the standards and conditions that are protective of wildlife and neighborhoods?

Does this push the envelope on the balance of appropriate use? We think so.

Submit your comments by Apr 5, 2016, to Brent Danielson, Associate Planner, 200 W Front Street, Boise ID 83702 or email him.