Idaho’s natural beauty is engrained in our identity. It isn’t just our home, it’s who we are. But the threats of climate change are real and they are here today. It’s MY ID is an ambitious campaign to defend Idaho’s land, water and air for generations to come.

The It’s My ID campaign began two years ago and we are now racing toward the May 15 finish line for our $4+ million campaign.

Idaho’s future requires a lot more than good work today. That is why ICL is undertaking this major campaign to advance critical climate change, energy and water  work.

What the Campaign Does for ICL and Idaho

The $2 million climate fund is the Idaho Conservation League’s response to global climate change.  We knew this fund was important when we started this campaign and now it is even more important.  The direct attacks on the environment and the dismantling of environmental safeguards on the national level make the climate fund more important than ever!

The $2 million going to our endowment will advance our core programs like wilderness and public lands work, and enable us to fund fast-breaking conservation opportunities. The endowment was created in the 1990s and took ICL from a small grassroots group to a strategic, forward-moving institution.

The It’s My ID campaign will ensure consistent funding for ICL’s work every year, for generations to come. It will provide greater security against changing levels of foundation funding, which makes up almost half of ICL’s annual revenue. And vitally, greater financial security will allow ICL to respond quickly to the most pressing conservation issues of the day.

What You Can Do

An investment in It’s My ID is an investment in Idaho’s future. We have an $20,000 challenge grant to reach our goal by May 15.  If you haven’t donated, please consider a gift today and help us reach our $4+ million campaign goal.