We’re bringing back some Solar Stories from the past (this one from 2019) to highlight Idaho Power’s new study and proposal to change (again!) its net metering/rooftop solar program. See below to find out how you can Stand Up for Solar!

Jamie Lundergreen and Cameron Crow joined the Idaho Conservation League out of a love for the outdoors and a desire to help preserve beautiful places in Idaho for the future. Cameron and Jamie love to spend time hiking in the Boise foothills with their dog Wookiee and exploring the backcountry of wild Idaho during summer backpacking trips.

A few years ago, Cameron and Jamie decided to have solar panels installed on their home. Cameron had long been interested in renewable energy so when he and Jamie became homeowners, he was eager to invest in solar.

“It feels great to be a part of the solution to reduce carbon emissions and inspire others to consider it as well. We get stopped all the time in our front yard by dog walkers who are interested in learning more, or are also considering buying and want to hear about our experiences,” Cameron said.

When it comes to different environmental issues they are passionate about, the couple said, “Fighting climate change is super important to us. Not only for our own sake in keeping the planet habitable for humans right now but also because we hope to have kids someday and don’t want them to be left with insurmountable climate change-induced problems.”

In 2019, Jamie worked as the program coordinator at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Boise State University. The Osher Institute provides learning opportunities for adults age 50 and over through courses, lectures, events and special interest groups.

Cameron is the founder of Make Idaho Better and Boise Analytics. For both businesses, he used his expertise to collect data, analyze results and help people make intelligent and informed decisions. He’s done several surveys about the environment and climate change, and observes that climate change is becoming an increasingly important issue to different ages and demographics in Idaho.

Thanks, Cameron and Jamie!

Join us as we highlight the value of solar power and take action to make it accessible to all Idahoans. We need you to speak up to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission in support of a thorough solar power study that examines all the potential benefits of clean, local energy.Idaho Power is preparing changes to a program for Idahoans who invest in solar power for their homes and businesses. This program, known as “Net Metering,” allows individuals to install rooftop solar, use this investment to meet their energy needs, and be credited for the excess power their system produces. This excess clean energy can then be provided to other utility customers. 

Idaho Power credits the excess power from rooftop solar owners at the same rate these individuals pay for energy – a fair deal for their providing local clean energy to their neighbors. But Idaho Power wants to change this fair deal. 

Photo by Kelsey Parfitt.