The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has posted a survey (survey is at the bottom of the webpage) through Sunday, June 13 to find out if Idahoans support or oppose a plan that could kill up to 90% of Idaho’s wolves. 

Recently, the Idaho legislature passed a bill that essentially wrested control of wolves from IDFG and ordered the Department to allow an unlimited number of Idaho wolf kills. This also means that IDFG has to develop regulations to reflect this new law. 

Starting in July, hunters with wolf tags can trap, snare, and shoot an unlimited number of wolves and their pups. And, hunters can use ATVs, snowmobiles, aircraft, and other vehicles to track and target them. All these new traps and snares are likely to have unintended consequences for non-target wildlife such as wolverine and lynx and pet dogs. 

Please voice your opposition to this new law (survey is at the bottom of the webpage). The more that IDFG hears that members of the public oppose this plan, the more likely they are to add common-sense policies that ICL has been advocating for to minimize the harm to pets and wildlife from this law. Regulations we would like to see include expanding the distance from trails where traps and snares can be set, requiring trappers to post signs in areas, and requiring trappers to check traps every 24 hours to reduce the killing of non-target wildlife and pets.