Join us as we highlight the value of solar power, and take action to make it accessible to all Idahoans. We need you to speak up to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission in support of a thorough solar power study that takes into account all the potential benefits of clean, local energy.Idaho Power is preparing changes to a program for Idahoans who invest in solar power for their homes and businesses. This program, known as “Net Metering,” allows individuals to install rooftop solar, use this investment to meet their energy needs, and be credited by Idaho Power for the excess power their system produces. The excess clean energy their system produces can be provided to other utility customers. 

Idaho Power credits the excess power from rooftop solar owners at the same rate these individuals pay for energy – a fair deal for their providing local clean energy to their neighbors. But Idaho Power wants to change this deal. 

Idaho Power has proposed a study to examine the impacts of individual investment in solar power, but ICL is concerned that this study will not take into account all the potential benefits of getting clean, locally-produced energy. 

Efforts to change programs that encourage energy independence are not new. Utilities have a history of trying to complicate individuals’ ability to invest in clean energy systems like rooftop solar. Utility companies like Idaho Power have a strong incentive to keep customers dependent on them for power. 

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission is asking for feedback on how the proposed study should evaluate the benefits of clean energy in our communities. 

As climate change increasingly impacts Idahoans, we deserve an accurate and fair study that supports customers who choose to provide the clean energy we all benefit from.

We need Idahoans to speak up in support of a thorough study that examines all the potential benefits of clean, local energy. Tell the PUC why customer-owner rooftop solar is important to Idahoans:

  • Customers deserve fair programs that accurately value the benefits of local, clean energy. 
  • These programs help Idaho Power achieve its 100% clean energy goal. 
  • Idahoans have a right to programs that help them invest in their own independent energy systems and to be fairly compensated for any services they provide. 
  • Customer-owned energy production benefits the local community, economy, and environment by strengthening local grids, avoiding reliance on long-distance power lines, displacing fossil-fuel pollution, and keeping energy dollars in the local economy.