Make your voice heard at the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and Idaho Power.

Many Idahoans are installing solar panels on their rooftops. Whether motivated by a desire to address the root cause of climate change or to reduce their monthly power bill, solar power is becoming more affordable and more popular. 

If you make more power than you consume, that excess power is fed back into the power grid, and you receive a credit on your power bill. Now the state’s largest utility, Idaho Power, is considering changes to this compensation program. It all starts with one fundamental question – what is the fair value for any extra solar power you provide to the utility?

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC) directed Idaho Power to conduct a Value of Solar (VOS) Study to answer this question. They are currently in the VOS process’s first step, and public input is critical to ensure these values are accurate. That’s why we need your help to design a fair and complete value of the solar study. 

Do you have solar power now? Are you interested in solar someday? Now is your chance to tell the PUC you expect them to implement a fair and equitable solar program for Idaho Power customers.  

What is the value of solar?

The value of solar is the price that an electric utility pays to individuals for unused solar power that is produced by solar panels. For more information about the importance of solar and details on this Value of Solar Study, please click here

What are some issues that I should discuss in my public comments?

Write about your connection with solar. Are you a solar power producer? Are you interested in installing solar? Are you interested in making sure that Idahoans have access to clean energy?

In addition, feel free to use the following two points as a starting point for your comments or share your perspective. 

  1. The Value of Solar study should fully capture solar’s economic benefits to the utility and customers. The design of the study should prioritize benefits to electric customers and solar owners over utility profits. 
  2. The Value of Solar Study must ensure opportunities for public input, comment, and collaboration. Idaho Power should actively incorporate feedback from the public into its study plan.  

How can I learn more about the proposal and how to make a comment?

The Idaho Conservation League and the Idaho Chapter of the Sierra Club are co-hosting a Solar Comment Writing Workshop on November 16th at 6:00 MT. Please join us to hear from experts, ask questions, and learn how you can effectively share your solar story. 

How can I submit public comments? 

The Public Utilities Commission is accepting comments now on this study. Be sure to reference the case number: IPC-E-21-21.

Submit a written comment through the PUC online form here:

Or you can email your comment to the Commission Secretary at:

All public comments are due on November 30, 2021.